Whiles passionately preaching the vision, mission and core values of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Reverend Kingsley Asare Addo on Sunday, October 25, 2020, in a practically befitting experience reaffirmed the importance of music as a vital tool to showing man’s utmost relationship and love for God.
The rare church service at the Faith Presbyterian Church, Shiashie was labelled ‘Music Sunday’, and was conducted while carefully observing the Covid-19 due protocols.

“…when we sing and we sing in praise when we pray and we pray a prayer of faith, the spirit of God descends and moves amongst us. Foundations are shaken when we sing, and all chains that hold us captive are set loose because the power of the Holy Spirit moves when we love God when we praise him and when we sing his words.”

Reverend Kingsley Asare

In his teachings, Reverend Kingsley Asare Addo laid out the need for man to likewise live by unconditional love for God and for one’s neighbours, being the two great laws summed up by Jesus Christ. He added that above any man’s claim of living upright in accordance with the laws, the significance of God’s Grace is the medium to the Kingdom of Heaven, God’s Grace which is attained through believing in the name of Jesus Christ who was crucified for man.
“So if we do these two things, loving and living for God, walking in his light and walking to please him, we are entering the Grace. When we love our neighbour, we care for him and help him, we are living by Grace. Therefore Jesus Christ acknowledges us that ours is to love God and to love our fellow men…” Reverend Kingsley Asare Addo indicated.

In like manner, the congregation’s yearly theme of Galatians 4:19, “Let Christ be formed in you” as well admonishes the need for a Christly way of life for its members.

As indicated by Reverend Kingsley Asare Addo whose love for music could be rated in the class of an ardent music lover, there’s an immense distinction between the shortly expiring circular music and the ageless and exemplary Christian hymns. Thus, he counts the compiled Presbyterian hymns of about 850 which had been composed for centuries as yet being relevant and unparalleled as each hymn lyrically conveys the word of God and further plays a dynamic part of an amazing Christian weapon.

A Music Sunday which engaged the congregation in a mostly hymnal service left the atmosphere of the Faith Congregation completely energized and impacting as the total voice parts were clearly harmonized in each line and phrases of each hymn sung.

The well-read and informed Reverend Kingsley Asare Addo who in an exceptionally unique way coordinated the music Sunday, gave a brief introduction and foundation of each hymn that was sung during the service.

He further underlined the power of music as it blew the walls of Jericho into smithereens, he referred to Acts 16:25-26 to instantiate the encounters of the imprisoned Paul and Silas as they prayed and hymned in faith till the loosening of the physical chains and gates of the prison.

In concluding his admonition, Reverend Kingsley Asare Addo encourages that being united in Christ is an assurance for victory and that all should endeavour to remain in one hope, doctrine, charity and faith and never in any way to be divided. He concluded with Presbyterian Hymn 761, Onward Christian Soldiers, as a charge seeking to inspire Christians that they cannot win by their strength alone but in Christ.

“True believers are described as soldiers who are prepared to fight in the army of Christ. For Christians to become victorious Christ should lead them. You cannot win the battle on your own strength, it is Jesus Christ who would do battle for us. Certainly, Jesus Christ is our victory, with him in our boat Christians shall sail through every storm of life…,” He said.

Interestingly, Reverend Kingsley Asare exhibited fluency on various Ghanaian languages during the service. The passionate multilingual minister who actually urges for more is fully mindful of his congregation and as well reaching out to the majority of persons. As he recognises the successful efforts of the European Bassel missionaries who translated the bible into various native Ghanaian languages, he firmly endorses and seeks after what he referred to as the Mother Tongue Theology as in reaching out to God as he created us.

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana is the oldest and existing Christian Church in Ghana which was started by the Basel missionaries on 18 December 1828. Of the 2,573 local congregations, the members are jointly around 1 million.

Reverend Kingsley Asare

In this same manner, the Faith Presbyterian Church turns out to be one of the local congregations which was situated at Shiashie in 1971 and was initially named Tsuishito Presbyterian Church, Shiashie. The congregation will later be re-named Faith Presbyterian Church, Shiashie, after its inauguration on 13th February 2000 and named.

Reverend Kingsley Asare Addo had led the Faith Congregation since 2015 and his satisfaction is to see a holistic ministry, the positive development of the church at large, the community and mission to the entire society. As the church additionally works to providing social services to the community, it deems the support for the needy children and the youth a key role.

“…we are also making sure that the young people are groomed and nurtured to be useful adults to the nation. We want them to find their place, to find their rhythm and to make sure that they respond to the needs of society and to the needs of the kingdom of God. We want to produce whole matured useful Christians for this country and for the kingdom of God…,” Reverend Kingsley Asare said in a chat with ABEL OFORI-ADENIRAN of [Iseeghblogspot.com.]

The Faith Presbyterian Church comprises persons from varied works of life and at present has over 500 members. The church is without a doubt welcoming to all persons.


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